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In Greek mythology, the lesser-known, chubbier cousin to the fabled Cupid is called -- you guessed it -- Cupig.

Against all physical odds, Cupig manages to cuddle up in the clouds for a vantage point as he spies on potential subjects. When the Cupig strikes, the target will be awash in a sudden desire, attraction, and affection for the nearest piece of food. Be it a tossed burrito, a partially unwrapped Mars bar, or an unsuspecting babies' half-eaten ice cream -- the entranced human will grab and devour with visceral lust. 

Since you never know when Cupig may strike, the Ancients developed the tradition of carrying around small portions of food to consume if necessary. They called it Proti Snacktus -- what we refer to today as the common snack.

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These cards come on 120# textured cardstock to match the feel of the original watercolor illustrations. Choose the deluxe option for additional inserts with little corner frames -- extra creative space for extra love!