Heard from a Bird

Heard from a Bird

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Expert birders will agree that the easiest way to differentiate the Mountain Bluebird from the Western Bluebird is to see how many respective followers they have on social media. The Mountain Bluebird typically hunts insects while flying, so their tweets are often fractured staccatos of thought that barely hit the 80-character mark. Western Bluebirds, on the other hand, flock in low-lying thrush nests and deliver widely pandering social observations like the following: 

 There are two types of personalities in this world. Those that are confident, and those that need constant reassurance. Am I right?

Maybe you feel like you've phoned it in with a friendship lately and want them to know you still think about them lots. Tell them with something a little more personal than a #tweet.

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These cards come on 120# textured cardstock to match the feel of the original watercolor illustrations. Choose the deluxe option for additional inserts with little corner frames -- extra creative space for extra love!