Light up my life (turn down the lights)

Light up my life (turn down the lights)

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Fireflies have a variety of light patterns to communicate during courtship rituals. A steady glow means “I’ve recently achieved sexual maturation and I’m looking for a fit mate to fulfill my instinctual drive for genetic diaspora.” Short bursts of flashing can be roughly translated to “SWB looking 4 an open-minded life partner 4 a few days.”

For that special human who is a beacon of hope, a guiding light, and an illuminated spirit. Get ready to get surprised, because this little card comes with a delightful twist. Bottle up your own bioluminescence and get someone glowing tonight! 

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These cards come on 120# textured cardstock to match the feel of the original watercolor illustrations. Choose the deluxe option for additional inserts with little corner frames -- extra creative space for extra love!