St. Valentine's Massacre

St. Valentine's Massacre

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Gather ‘round, fellow sweets
I’ve a story to tell
about February the fourteenth
when our day turns to hell.

When our red box of chocolates
for His maiden so fine
unfolds into sticky carnage:
a massacre on St. Valentine.

Caramel or Nougat
She cannot decide — 
first She must taste
what fills our inside.

She bites, and She bites,
delights our sweet screams.
Perhaps this one’s too chewy —
She snatches buttercream.

We tremble in wait
for our delicious fate
as She sifts and She shuffles
craving only our Truffles.

A year ago I was forgotten.
You see, I’ve become quite stale.
But before I lay to rest
I had to tell my tale. 

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