The Hollowing

The Hollowing

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October the 30th, 1914. The ruddy dawn dances across a field of pumpkin carnage. Only hours ago the last battle of the Gourd Wars raged on -- and now any crawling stragglers are harvested for what history recalls as the most delicious POW experimentation in history. Innards are scooped out, pulverized, and baked; their precious seeds -- future generations -- roasted and salted; faces of their captors are carved into their flesh. Any pumpkin today will shudder as they recall the eve of The Hollowing. 

Treat someone to this delightful rendering of the beloved tale!

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These cards come on 120# textured cardstock to match the feel of the original watercolor illustrations. Choose the deluxe option for additional inserts with little corner frames -- extra creative space for extra love!